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5 Ways to Make Your Summer Event Bigger

outdoor movieIf you’re planning an event for the summer, you are asking these party planning questions: How can we make our community event BIGGER than last year? How can we entertain teens (we have a suggestion) at our Fireman’s Picnic, block party, town party or summer festival? What is going to bring in families? What is the perfect draw for adults who spend money? How can we make an event schedule for all the different groups in our community? How can we increase revenue from our summer event? We’ve got a few suggestions, being that we’ve been at a few parties (or a few hundred or thousand…):

  1. Outdoor movie. Nothing makes a statement like a 40 foot blow-up screen, or 30 foot, or 20 foot screen with the latest summer flick at any type of venue you want (baseball stadium, pool, parking lot, etc.) Invite teens, kids and families to come and enjoy a movie on a huge screen. The movie provides the entertainment, and you provide the popcorn, refreshments, drinks and whatever else you think the teens would dig!
  2. Teen tent. A teen lounge invites teens and kids of all ages to come in and play video games, socialize, listen to new music and videos, text their friends (and people they’d like to meet) on big TVs, watch sponsor ads and announcements on the TVs, purchase food, drink and items from your vendors, and most of all, have a place to hang. At night the teen lounge kicks into high gear with cool mood lighting! No band or entertainment needed. The music and videos get turned up a notch (or a live DJ can spin). The live texting and your sponsor ads continue to roll, and the lines for the video games get even longer.
  3. Pool party. Do you have a pool at your rec center, country club, water park or in your community? Want to show your residents (and their teens) the value of their membership? Host a pool party with water slides, swimming and an outdoor movie. Ramp up your pool party with glow in the dark jewelry for kids and refreshments. Or bring in a DJ to make the pool party a dance party in the water.
  4. Kid’s activities. One of our favorite highlights of any party is a jump house. That’s right, a jump house—those inflatable play jump houses that kids swarm to like bees to a perfume bottle. These inflatable fun houses are often overlooked by event planners (probably because they’re not 5, then they’d always be remembered!), but can make any event successful and enjoyable—by kids and parents! In addition to a jump house, consider asking volunteers to coordinate other fun kid activities such as a face painting station, big wheel races, give away or sell balloons or glow sticks.
  5. DJ. Bring a DJ in to get the party going, or keep it going until curfew. A DJ works great in a teen or adult tent, and can develop a play list that fits with whatever crowd you expect. A DJ also is ideal if an awards dinner is part of your event, and for several other reasons which we addressed by busting these common DJ myths.

To finalize your schedule, contact a party company to inquire and confirm details of your event. Then, start promoting in your community. Print out posters. Spread the word. Hang signs in strategic locations. Ask your sponsors to pass out flyers and add the information to their newsletters and customer emails. Run radio ads if your budget allows. With an excellent marketing and promotion strategy, and a stellar schedule of events and crowd draws, as well as some beautiful Wisconsin weather, your event can be bigger than ever before—and more fun for everyone involved.

Backyard Party Planning 101: From Planning Until Awesome Party End

backyard partyIt’s a great time to plan a backyard party to celebrate an anniversary, mitzvah, birthday, new neighbor, new puppy, old friends, home owners’ association or really, anything. Any day is a good day for a party with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers…you get the idea. But do you have any idea where to get started with your party planning?

Date. For a backyard party, set the date that works for your immediate family and closest friends. Reserve a tent if needed. If your backyard party requires use of your street, such as a neighborhood block party, contact the authorities to find out what dates you can shut down your street.

Theme. Select a theme, and use it to plan your refreshments, decorations and entertainment, even if you use it in subtle ways.

Food. Food is an integral part of every party (you’ve heard the expression, “come for the food, stay for the party” right?), with many different options. If your party is being held in mid-afternoon, a luncheon, or a late evening affair, make your party an assortment of finger food and appetizers that fit with your theme. Having a party that spans the afternoon? Host a buffet meal, so you can have warm food for all your guests as they come.

Decorations. Choose decorations that fit the occasion and theme. If it’s lighting you wish, check with your deejay about dance party packages with bright lighting that sets the mood of your party.

Entertainment. Want a rockin’ party? Hire a deejay to set the mood. Deejays also have a few more benefits for a party, and can also provide lighting, jump houses, outdoor movie screens and glow sticks for a fun, entertaining night.

Keeping all your details organized is the key to successful party planning. Create a checklist and timeline so you can stay on top of things, or use one of these party planning apps. If you have questions about audio visual, lighting or entertainment, contact your deejay. An experienced deejay has seen a party or two (or three or a hundred) and can make recommendations about what they’ve seen work best. They’ll do their best to help make sure that a great time is held by all—from party planning until the last party guest leaves.

5 Ways to Take Your Summer Party Entertainment to the Next Level

summer partyIn the midst of summer party planning? Trying to take your softball tournament, Fireman’s Picnic, summer festival, teen party to the next level? We know a thing or two about parties, and can make some suggestions (five suggestions to be exact) that take your summer party entertainment from 20 years ago into this decade. Best yet, these summer party entertainment ideas are sure to please any demographic of guests, from the youngest to the most experienced.

summer partyBounce House. There’s not a summer party around that wouldn’t benefit from a bounce house. Read more about the benefits of a bounce house, and the kinds of parties suitable for a bounce house (and then add yours to the list).

Gaming systems. Even an outside summer party can benefit from a gaming system, like a Wii system. The system can be paired with a large screen and a competitive spirit that takes your summer party to the next level and keep it going for hours.

Karaoke Player. The fun of karaoke has not lessened over time, especially with the right songs and equipment. Get your guests jumping with a karaoke machine and lighting that can get a crowd at a water park, teen birthday party, Fireman’s Picnic or any summer party up on stage.

DJ. For a younger crowd, pair a DJ with an interactive teen tent so they can text and enjoy technology as part of the fun. For a more mixed demographic, invite a DJ into the mix so your guests can enjoy dancing and music as part of the summer party.

outdoor movieOutdoor Movies. How’s this for fun? Take your summer party to the next level with a big screen, Blu Ray Digital Sound & Video. If your crowd is in a parking lot, you can also use an FM Transmitter to listen to the movie through car radios.

Need any more ideas? Contact us. We can tell you what we’ve seen work, and what has bombed at other summer parties. We can also make recommendations based on the demographic of your guests, and type of summer party. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to blow your guests away with these five next-level summer party entertainment ideas, lots of promotion and a great lineup of summer fun.

5 Summer Party Details to Nail Down BEFORE You Call the DJ

summer partyYou’ve got a lot to do to get ready for your summer party. Though this cool spring weather may not have you in the mood for discussing outdoor entertainment, now is the right time to efficiently check those details off the party planning list. Don’t delay; whether you are trying to reserve a teen tent for your younger festival goers, a drive-in movie for families attending your Fireman’s picnic or a DJ for your wedding, booking your DJ now ensures that you have quality entertainment confirmed now so you don’t have to worry about it later.

So what do you need to do to book a quality DJ? Know the signs of a good DJ, and what details you need to have secured (or at least a general ideas) before you call the DJ:

  • Date. This summer party detail should be a bit obvious. A DJ cannot tell you if they are available unless you have some idea about the date (or possible dates) of the event.
  • Location. If you only have the date and location, be sure to call the DJ and get on their calendar. The best DJ’s calendars fill up quickly.
  • Event timeline. What time is the dinner or lunch? Will you need background music or announcements at your summer party? When will the dance start? These are all details that need to be set in advance.
  • Requests. If you have requests for songs or have asked your guests for requests on the invitation, send or discuss the list with your DJ in advance to ensure that your songs are played.
  • Event formality. Want your DJ to dress appropriately? Discuss it with them before the event.

Another tip: if planning an outdoor summer party or festival, contact your local municipality for information about laws concerning curfews and volume. You don’t want neighbors complaining and tickets to put a damper on your summer party. What you do want is a quality entertainment; contact a good DJ to get your summer party finalized so you don’t have to worry about this important party detail later.

Take me out to the…movies?

Baseball Shot_240_180We know what you’re thinking: guys, it does not look like summer outside.  We know it doesn’t look like summer in Wisconsin, Illinois or anywhere else in the upper Midwest, but now is the time to book for events and festivals that are set to take place when it’s just, well, a little bit warmer. Now is the time to book DJ’s, jump houses, dance tents and movies. Yes, that’s right movies.  Just picture it: warmer temperatures, a nice summer night and all your customers or festival goers gathered around a movie screen at any one of these events:

  • Baseball diamond. Host a movie after or before a game as an extra incentive for your fans, a great way to end a softball tournament, a way to generate revenue with a movie in the parking lot or as a draw to your festival.
  • Summer festival or Fireman’s Picnic. Hosting a street or community summer festival? Preparing for your annual Fireman’s Picnic? Draw families down with a movie in the park, end your summer festival with an outdoor movie so you can sell out your concession stand or host a movie at the pool in your park. Advertise a dinner and movie in the park for a fundraiser at your Fireman’s Picnic. The sky’s the limit for ways that you can use and market your outdoor movie.
  • Parking lot drive-in movie. Want a way to say “thank you” to patrons of your restaurant or ice cream stand?  Looking for a way to draw families in for late night business? Host a drive-in movie in your parking lot, and make sure you serve refreshments. Or make your drive-in movie a regular event, with regular revenue coming in.
  • Waterpark or pool. Host the ultimate pool party at your pool. Keep everyone in the shallow end, and open up the refreshment stand so people can enjoy treats on the pool deck.

Our outdoor movie screen books fast for events across Wisconsin and Illinois, so contact us early. We can provide the movie screen, party favors—whatever you need to make that warm (think warm!), summer outdoor movie a success.