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Answers to all Your Outdoor Movie FAQ’s

outdoor movie screenWhat kind of party or events can you show an outdoor movie at?

Any kind! Indoor or outdoor. We’ve given you a few ideas in our recent blog post.

What is included in your outdoor movie packages?

We provide everything you need:

  • Support before your event and for selecting and obtaining a legal copy of the movie in the format you need,
  • a large inflatable movie screen,
  • a knowledgeable crew for screen set up, running the movie and take down,
  • on-site back-up equipment.

What size outdoor movie screens do you offer?

We have 15 foot, 20 foot, 30 foot, and 40 foot tall inflatable movie screens.

What is the actual height and width of the movie screen we will be getting?

We have some of the tallest outdoor movie screens in the Midwest! Our biggest screen is about 40’ tall and about 40’ wide.

Are your screens Inflatable or Non-Inflatable?

Our screens are all inflatable. Inflatable screens are designed to set up quicker and withstand a greater wind. Our screens are custom made for us and are the best quality out there.

Do you offer any pre-movie entertainment?

Yes, we would be glad to play some music and do some interactive things before the movie starts. Also, we can provide cartoons or music videos at no additional charge.

Can you play full screen as well as wide screen movies?

Our screens are either ‘full screen’ or ‘wide screen’ format, so you will never have the ‘black spaces’ on the sides of the screen.

How many crew / technicians will you send to our event?

Depending on your event needs, we always try to send a two or three person crew to your event.

Do you have any special set up requirements?

Yes, please see our ‘Movie Rider’ for a complete list of requirements.

What is your inclement weather policy?

We would ask that you have an alternate indoor location in the event of rain or wind. But, we would also be willing to come back on a mutually agreed upon make up date.

How much insurance do you carry?

We carry a two million dollar liability policy. Copies or additionally insured are available by request.

What is included and what do we have to provide?

Basically, you provide the location, power, & the movie. We will provide the rest.


Please contact SWANK Motion Pictures at this link: for more information.

How can I get more information about outdoor movies?

Contact us! We’d love to discuss your event or party and answer any questions you might have about our outdoor movie screens.

10 Events & Parties Perfect for an Outdoor Movie (Screen)

outdoor movie screenWhen you think of an outdoor movie, it probably brings to mind nostalgic pictures of those old drive-in movies with the grainy pictures and classic cars. It’s time to replace those pictures with images of today’s outdoor movies, huge screens surrounded by people on blankets in your backyard or at a community summer party where people can watch from the comfort of their cars, on bleachers, in lawn chairs or on blankets. Right now outdoor movies are all the rage across the Midwest, because (most importantly!) they’re fun, the huge movie screens attract teens, families and everyone to parties and events, and outdoor movies give any party or event a unique form of outdoor entertainment—any event or party, such as our 10 favorites:

  • Baseball or softball game. Host a movie after or before a game as an extra incentive for your fans, a great way to end a softball tournament, a way to generate revenue with a movie in the parking lot or as a draw to your festival.
  • Summer festival or Fireman’s Picnic. Hosting a street or community summer festival? Preparing for your annual Fireman’s Picnic? Draw families down with a movie in the park, or end your summer festival with an outdoor movie so you can sell out your concession stand or host a movie at the pool in your park. Advertise a dinner and movie in the park for a fundraiser at your Fireman’s Picnic. The sky’s the limit for ways that you can use and market your outdoor movie.
  • Parking lot or ice cream drive-in movie. Want a way to say “thank you” to patrons of your restaurant or ice cream stand? Need a unique form of entertainment for your grand opening? Need a way to draw families in for more night business? Host a drive-in movie in your parking lot, and make sure you serve refreshments. Or make your drive-in movie a regular event, with regular revenue coming in.
  • Waterpark or pool party. Host the ultimate pool party at your pool. Keep everyone in the shallow end, and open up the refreshment stand so people can enjoy treats on the pool deck.
  • Block party. Want to meet and mingle with your neighbors? How about a pool party (think plastic flamingos) or glow-in-the-dark party with an outdoor movie? Make sure your guests know your theme. For a glow-in-the-dark party, think glow sticks and lighting that everyone can wear while watching the latest summer flick.
  • Birthday party. Looking to throw the next Sweet 16 birthday party that makes you a hero? Want to plan a birthday party that your friends text about all summer? An awesome birthday party requires more than good food, more than a lot of guests, more than free wi-fi. No, an awesome teen birthday party requires a “go big or go home” mentality (and we’re not just talking about the movie screen). An awesome birthday party requires the whole teen birthday party package: food, accessories and outdoor movies that keeps everyone going through the night.
  • Lake association party. If you’re looking for a way to get your lake association together, host an outdoor movie that people can watch from their boats. Choose an area for your movie, and spread the word. It’s a good way to get people’s attention, and let them know the benefits of your association.
  • Teen hangout. Want something fun for your church youth group to do? Do you need entertainment for your next teen group ice cream social? You provide the ice cream, and we’ll provide the big screen and AV equipment that’ll blow your teens away.
  • Sports team last game. Want to end your season with a bang? Have a get together at someone’s home, on the court or at the field after your last game of the season. Have someone make some popcorn and pass out glow sticks to the kids to your end-of-the-season outdoor movie.
  • Company picnic. If you want unique company picnic entertainment that shows your employees and their families how much you appreciate them, host an outdoor movie. Set up an ice cream sundae stand nearby and have your company managers serve, or hand out glow sticks to the kids. If you want another fun way to entertain the kids, rent a bounce house for some pre-movie entertainment. All together, it’s a sure-fire recipe for company picnic success.

Have any questions about how to make your outdoor movie night a reality? Ask us. We can answer any questions you might have, and can make sure that we fit your event with the outdoor movie screen that fits your party or event and budget. Best yet, we can make your vision of an outdoor movie a reality—and fun!