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Think Summer. Think entertainment for teens.

e3044sho_03_0424_CirqueDuSoleil_3_320_240_240We’re thinking ahead…feels like way ahead some days when the temperature hits below freezing. We’re thinking summer festivals, Fireman’s Picnics and church picnics. If you’re organizing any of these events—any event geared toward teens and students—you’re thinking about summer too and how to keep the teens at your event entertained. Need some suggestions? Here’s some excellent way to attract and entertain teens coming to your event:

Teen lounge. A teen lounge invites teens and kids of all ages to come in and play video games, socialize, listen to new music and videos, text their friends (and people they’d like to meet) on big TVs, watch sponsor ads and fair announcements on the TVs, purchase food, drink and items from your vendors, and most of all, have a place to hang. At night the teen lounge kicks into high gear with cool mood lighting! No band or entertainment needed. The music and videos get turned up a notch (or a live DJ can spin). The live texting and your sponsor ads continue to roll, and the lines for the video games get even longer.

Baseball Shot_240_180Outdoor movies. Think about hosting a drive-in movie at any type of venue you want (baseball stadium, pool, parking lot, etc.) Invite teens, kids and families to come and enjoy a movie on a 50 foot screen. The movie provides the entertainment, and you provide the popcorn, refreshments, drinks and whatever else you think the teens would dig! If you’re worried about rain, consider hosting an outdoor movie indoors at a gym, under a tent or in your church.

Pool party. Do you have a pool at your rec center, country club, water park or in your community? Want to show your residents (and their teens) the value of their membership? Host a pool party with water slides, swimming and an outdoor movie. Ramp up your pool party with glow in the dark jewelry for kids and refreshments. Or bring in a DJ to make the pool party a dance party in the water.

So why are we, and why you, should think about summer when there’s still snow on the ground? Because good entertainment for teens—the entertainment your teens actually want—books fast and early. If you don’t contact an entertainment company to book your choice teen entertainment now, you’re going to be stuck with the entertainment no teen wants to attend. Think warm. Think summer. Think entertainment.

Take me out to the…movies?

Baseball Shot_240_180We know what you’re thinking: guys, it does not look like summer outside.  We know it doesn’t look like summer in Wisconsin, Illinois or anywhere else in the upper Midwest, but now is the time to book for events and festivals that are set to take place when it’s just, well, a little bit warmer. Now is the time to book DJ’s, jump houses, dance tents and movies. Yes, that’s right movies.  Just picture it: warmer temperatures, a nice summer night and all your customers or festival goers gathered around a movie screen at any one of these events:

  • Baseball diamond. Host a movie after or before a game as an extra incentive for your fans, a great way to end a softball tournament, a way to generate revenue with a movie in the parking lot or as a draw to your festival.
  • Summer festival or Fireman’s Picnic. Hosting a street or community summer festival? Preparing for your annual Fireman’s Picnic? Draw families down with a movie in the park, end your summer festival with an outdoor movie so you can sell out your concession stand or host a movie at the pool in your park. Advertise a dinner and movie in the park for a fundraiser at your Fireman’s Picnic. The sky’s the limit for ways that you can use and market your outdoor movie.
  • Parking lot drive-in movie. Want a way to say “thank you” to patrons of your restaurant or ice cream stand?  Looking for a way to draw families in for late night business? Host a drive-in movie in your parking lot, and make sure you serve refreshments. Or make your drive-in movie a regular event, with regular revenue coming in.
  • Waterpark or pool. Host the ultimate pool party at your pool. Keep everyone in the shallow end, and open up the refreshment stand so people can enjoy treats on the pool deck.

Our outdoor movie screen books fast for events across Wisconsin and Illinois, so contact us early. We can provide the movie screen, party favors—whatever you need to make that warm (think warm!), summer outdoor movie a success.