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5 Ways to Take Your Summer Party Entertainment to the Next Level

summer partyIn the midst of summer party planning? Trying to take your softball tournament, Fireman’s Picnic, summer festival, teen party to the next level? We know a thing or two about parties, and can make some suggestions (five suggestions to be exact) that take your summer party entertainment from 20 years ago into this decade. Best yet, these summer party entertainment ideas are sure to please any demographic of guests, from the youngest to the most experienced.

summer partyBounce House. There’s not a summer party around that wouldn’t benefit from a bounce house. Read more about the benefits of a bounce house, and the kinds of parties suitable for a bounce house (and then add yours to the list).

Gaming systems. Even an outside summer party can benefit from a gaming system, like a Wii system. The system can be paired with a large screen and a competitive spirit that takes your summer party to the next level and keep it going for hours.

Karaoke Player. The fun of karaoke has not lessened over time, especially with the right songs and equipment. Get your guests jumping with a karaoke machine and lighting that can get a crowd at a water park, teen birthday party, Fireman’s Picnic or any summer party up on stage.

DJ. For a younger crowd, pair a DJ with an interactive teen tent so they can text and enjoy technology as part of the fun. For a more mixed demographic, invite a DJ into the mix so your guests can enjoy dancing and music as part of the summer party.

outdoor movieOutdoor Movies. How’s this for fun? Take your summer party to the next level with a big screen, Blu Ray Digital Sound & Video. If your crowd is in a parking lot, you can also use an FM Transmitter to listen to the movie through car radios.

Need any more ideas? Contact us. We can tell you what we’ve seen work, and what has bombed at other summer parties. We can also make recommendations based on the demographic of your guests, and type of summer party. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to blow your guests away with these five next-level summer party entertainment ideas, lots of promotion and a great lineup of summer fun.

Your Complete Prom (and Post Prom) Planning Checklist

homepage2Planning a prom and post prom party can seem like an overwhelming task even if you’re part of a large planning committee. No matter how large your committee is, using a checklist and staying organized through the prom planning process is essential to a successful dance. So take a deep breath, and start your prom planning with our prom (and post prom) planning checklist:

  • Date. If your school does not have a confirmed date, choose several possible dates that work, and contact your deejay and venue to see which date is available. Or contact the venue for available dates within the time frame you need. If you want to save money, hold your party on an “off day”—a Friday when events are typically not held—when venues offer discounted rates.
  • Venue & location. Choose a venue that fits your prom theme and budget, and has ample space for your guests and a large dance floor with space for your DJ.
  • Theme. A party without a theme is an event without direction. Decide on a theme, and use it to plan your refreshments, decorations and entertainment, even if you use it in subtle ways.
  • Food. If your prom includes a dinner, find a venue or caterer that can provide a meal before the dance. If your school normally provides refreshments throughout the dance, contact a caterer about appetizers. If you normally provide refreshments at your post prom party, book a caterer that can make food for both prom and post prom. If you are hosting your prom at a venue, make sure that your preferred caterer is allowed to come in, and check with the venue to see if you need to show proof of your caterer’s insurance.
  • Decorations. Choose decorations that fit the theme. Make sure you check with the venue if you want to put up decorations that attach to the wall or ceiling. Many venues have specific guidelines for decorations. If you can’t hang decorations, consider décor like table centerpieces and lighting. If it’s lighting you wish, check with your deejay about dance party packages with lighting that sets the mood of your party.
  • Entertainment. Want a rockin’ party? Hire a deejay to set the mood. Deejays also have a few more benefits for a party, and can also provide lighting and glow sticks for a fun, entertaining night. Remember, anybody can play music, but selecting the right DJ that has the rockin’ play list that keeps your school dancing for the whole dance (because we’ve all seen those dances where kids fade early) is important. Contact your DJ right away, because the best school dance DJ’s calendars fill up fast.
  • School Dance Packages. Now is also the time to find out what school dance & prom packages are offered, and how they fit in with your budget. You want a package that fits the size of your dance, and the gym or venue that you’re using. Selecting the right package also means making sure you have enough money in your budget for refreshments and decorations. If you set a ticket price for your prom, research your dance expenses ahead of time so you set a price that doesn’t leave your budget in the red.
  • Budget. Want to save some money? Check to see if your DJ service has a referral discount. Often, DJ services will charge you less if you refer other clients that book their services. For example, Post Prom DJ offers a 50% discount for your party when two other schools, corporations, family members of friends confirm their party. So think BIG within your network. Save money for your school dance by asking your company to book with the same DJ for their corporate Christmas party, and ask one of the previous school classes to book with that same DJ for their 20th Class Reunion.
  • Post Prom Party. Looking for a rocking party with dance music for your post prom party with a monster laser light show? Or are you looking for an outdoor movie inside (think huge screens in a gym)? How about an LED light up dance floor? Or a party with gaming systems that keeps everyone’s feet moving even after prom? Don’t make the post prom party your second thought. Assign a committee or volunteer specifically to plan the post prom party.

Don’t procrastinate your prom planning. Get started by setting a date (if needed) and booking a quality DJ (remember the best DJ’s are booked quickly!). An experienced DJ can also make recommendations that can help during your party planning. If you are working as part of a committee, make sure you stay in contact with fellow committee members to make sure your planning goes smoothly, and the result—a rocking prom!—is a night you and your classmates never forget.

Are you ready for your rockin’ New Year’s party?

homepage2Though everyone is focusing on buying gifts for the holidays right now, you’re looking forward to your New Year party…the noise makers, drinks, crazy jewelry, dancing all night. And though it seems to be far away (it is still only 2014!), now is the time to purchase all the items you need for your party—especially so you can cash in on special deals like free shipping and discounts, plus you can make sure to book the right DJ for your party. So don’t delay, look over your New Year’s party checklist and start checking off boxes of all the important items you need for your party:

  • Venue. Whether you are a business owner who is hosting on-site, a homeowner willing to hold a rockin’ New Year’s Eve party or a family looking for a venue to rent for your New Year’s party, the first step is to ensure that your venue is reserved and fits all your guests.
  • Invitations. In today’s world, this is an email, social media invite or an announcement on your website or business page.  But if you want to go old school, make sure you order the invite weeks in advance.
  • Refreshments. Two options: make the food or hire a caterer.  The answer depends on your ease in the kitchen and the number of people you are inviting.  We found some great recipes on the Food Network New Year’s Eve party page, or you can pull your guests’ favorites from past parties out of the kitchen. If you are catering, make sure you call them in advance to make sure your menu is finalized.
  • New Year’s Party supplies (glitter glasses, anyone?). Now is the time to order your barware, glitter glasses, noise makers, hats and party décor.  Websites like 4funparties have discounts and free shipping so now is the time to stock up on all the decorations and fun supplies you need.
  • DJ. Contact a DJ about your party now before their calendar is full. If you are a business or a family hosting a party at a venue, don’t rely on your juke box to make your party fun. Hire a professional to rock your party, and draw in guests.
  • Large screen & lighting. Want a party that is a step above your normal New Year’s Eve celebration? Look into a large screen with cool graphics, a New Year’s countdown and lighting.

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and so is your chance to host a rockin’ party that draws and entertains your guests. So don’t delay. Get the party planning started, venue and DJ confirmed and party supplies that separate your party from all the others.