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Selecting the Right DJ for Your Party

DSC00036_350_195We’ve all been at a boring party, complete with the lame DJ. Or worse, the friend of a friend who thinks he or she is a DJ and has brought out their boombox, phone, speakers and CDs. And though they think they are bringing down the house, from the look of the bored faces, they are, well, NOT.

So how can you avoid that scenario at your party? Simple: just choose the right DJ for your party, school dance or company holiday party. And while the answer is simple, choosing a DJ that keeps your guests entertained is more complex than checking the yellow pages—but it’s pretty easy when you use our checklist to select the right DJ:

  1. Reputation. A reputable, quality DJ has more than just speakers. They have a huge selection of songs, equipment suitable for different size dance floors and a reputation for rockin’ dance parties. An experienced DJ also has the business tools to back up their reputation. What does that mean? That means they have an organized calendar and tools to make sure they follow up with you about last minute details. What good is a DJ who can deliver on an awesome party but doesn’t show up?
  2. Price. Yes, your friend says he’ll do your party for “almost nothing.” Remember, you get what you pay for. Does he have the equipment that works for your large space? Does he have the selection of songs necessary to keep your party goers on the dance floor? Cheapest is not always the best.
  3. Date. Set the date of your party or dance well in advance to ensure you can choose the right DJ for your bash. If you are in a last minute bind, call a list of reputable DJ’s to see who has your last minute date open.
  4. Ask your friends, schools or bosses. Schools hire DJ’s for dances. Companies hire DJ’s for holiday parties. Your friends hire DJ’s for weddings, birthdays, neighborhood parties, etc. Ask them what DJ’s they would recommend or not recommend, and why. DJ’s are versatile.  A good school dance DJ can cater to many party crowds, including yours.

Finding the right DJ is only one part of your party planning equation, but it’s one of the most important details—one that could make your school dance, birthday party or company holiday party the best in all of the midwest, or the worst. So, don’t procrastinate, find the right DJ today—and reap the rewards of your rockin’ dance party.

The Right Equation for Party Planning

DSC00036_350_195Planning an engagement party? Mitzvah? Birthday or anniversary party? No matter what kind of celebration you’re planning, the equation for a successful party is comprised of the same parts. How you put all the parts together can be the difference between a rockin’ success and a ho-hum gathering. Get started early. Use our party planning equation as your party planning checklist so you can coordinate the perfect, rockin’ party that everyone enjoys:

Date. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Just set a date. However, setting a date is far more complicated. Choose several possible dates that work, and contact your deejay and venue to see which date is available. Or contact the venue for available dates within the time frame you need. If you want to save money, hold your party on an “off day”—a Friday or Sunday when events are typically not held—when venues offer discounted rates.

Venue & location. Booking a venue is all about your guests and preferences. Choose a venue that fits your style and budget, and has ample space for your guests and a large dance floor with space for your DJ. If you have out-of-town guests, consider venues attached to or near a hotel.

Theme. A party without a theme is an event without direction. Decide on a theme, and use it to plan your refreshments, decorations and entertainment, even if you use it in subtle ways.

Food. Food is an integral part of every party (you’ve heard the expression, “come for the food, stay for the party” right?), with many different options. If your party is being held in mid-afternoon, a luncheon, or a late evening affair, make your party an assortment of finger food and appetizers that fit with your theme. Having a party that spans the afternoon? Host a buffet meal, so you can have warm food for all your guests as they come.

Decorations. Choose decorations that fit the occasion and the theme. Make sure you check with the venue if you want to put up decorations that attach to the wall or ceiling. Many venues have specific guidelines for decorations. If you can’t hang decorations, consider décor like table centerpieces and lighting. If it’s lighting you wish, check with your deejay about dance party packages with bright lighting that sets the mood of your party.

Entertainment. Want a rockin’ party? Hire a deejay to set the mood. Deejays also have a few more benefits for a party, and can also provide lighting, jump houses and glow sticks for a fun, entertaining night.

Keeping all your details organized is the key to successful party planning. Create a checklist and timeline so you can stay on top of things, or use one of these party planning apps. If you are party of a committee or group planning a party, make everyone aware of their assignments and give them a clear deadline. Once you’re done with all the party planning, kick your feet up and enjoy the fruits of your party planning efforts.

5 Party Details You Need to Book a DJ

School danceWhether you’re hosting a holiday party, bar mitzvah or school dance, it pays to be organized. After all you have the coordinate A LOT of details—food, venue, entertainment, invitations. You don’t have time to make numerous calls to vendors, giving them bit by bit of information. You need to be efficient, and can start by having these party details set and ready for discussion with your DJ:

  • Date. This detail should be a bit obvious. A DJ cannot tell you if they are available unless you have some idea about the date (or possible dates) of the event.
  • Location. If you only have the date and location, be sure to call the DJ and get on their calendar. The best DJ’s calendars fill up quickly.
  • Event timeline. What time is the dinner or lunch? Will you need background music or announcements? When will the dance start? These are all details that need to be set in advance.
  • Requests. If you have requests for songs or have asked your guests for requests on the invitation, send or discuss the list with your DJ in advance to ensure that your songs are played.
  • Event formality. Want your DJ to dress appropriately? Discuss it with them before the event.

Having all your ducks in a row, as the old saying goes, is the key to a successful party. If you want a mobile organizing solution, download one of these party planning apps for reminders and record keeping. If you need to charge for tickets, contact a DJ before you have your event details confirmed so you have a list of all the party costs.