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5 Reasons to Jumpstart Your School Dance Planning (& School Dance Planning Tips!)

school dance planningWhen you’re planning an awesome school dance, there’s not a moment to lose. We think everyone has a memory or has been to a dance that was hastily thrown together, or thrown together without any school dance planning, and the result is the same: boooring. And don’t think that planning by committee has to slow down or delay planning your homecoming, fall, spring formal or prom; with a little bit of delegation and regular meetings, you can jump start your school dance planning. What’s the rush? Staying ahead of the game with your school dance planning is important, and for five very good reasons:

  1. Get the best DJ. You don’t have to hang the decorations, or set the play list yet. But you do need to get on the calendar of the right DJ service to guarantee school dance success for your Homecoming or Back-to-School dance (perhaps even think ahead to Prom to save money). Anybody can play music, but selecting the right DJ that has the rockin’ play list that keeps your school dancing for the whole dance (because we’ve all seen those dances where kids fade early) is important. Contact your DJ right away, because the best school dance DJ’s calendars fill up fast.
  2. Save money. Check to see if your DJ service has a referral discount or an early booking discount. Often, DJ services will charge you less if you refer other clients that book their services. For example, Post Prom DJ offers a 50% discount for your party when two other schools, corporations, family members of friends confirm their party. So think BIG within your network. Save money for your school dance by asking your company to book with the same DJ for their corporate Christmas party, and ask one of the previous school classes to book with that same DJ for their 20th Class Reunion.
  3. School dance planning takes research. Each committee member is going to need time to research decoration, entertainment and food options that fit your budget. Take your DJ for example. Now is the time to find out what school dance packages are offered, and how they fit in with your budget. You want a package that fits the size of your dance, and the gym or venue that you’re using. Selecting the right package also means making sure you have enough money in your budget for refreshments and decorations. If you have to set a ticket price, researching your dance expenses ahead of time ensures you set the right price so you’re not left in the red.
  4. You can start promoting (and recruiting help!) ASAP. If you have the ticket prices, the theme and the entertainment set, you can get a jumpstart on promoting your school dance. That means more chances to push the event out on social media, in your school announcement, at school events, and anywhere else you choose to promote.
  5. A well-planned school dance is worth it. Doing your homework ahead of time means a memorable school dance with the right DJ, right ticket price and even cost savings with referrals. So don’t procrastinate like you did on last year’s book report; prove you’re the head of the class by planning your school dance before the due date.

Answers to all Your Outdoor Movie FAQ’s

outdoor movie screenWhat kind of party or events can you show an outdoor movie at?

Any kind! Indoor or outdoor. We’ve given you a few ideas in our recent blog post.

What is included in your outdoor movie packages?

We provide everything you need:

  • Support before your event and for selecting and obtaining a legal copy of the movie in the format you need,
  • a large inflatable movie screen,
  • a knowledgeable crew for screen set up, running the movie and take down,
  • on-site back-up equipment.

What size outdoor movie screens do you offer?

We have 15 foot, 20 foot, 30 foot, and 40 foot tall inflatable movie screens.

What is the actual height and width of the movie screen we will be getting?

We have some of the tallest outdoor movie screens in the Midwest! Our biggest screen is about 40’ tall and about 40’ wide.

Are your screens Inflatable or Non-Inflatable?

Our screens are all inflatable. Inflatable screens are designed to set up quicker and withstand a greater wind. Our screens are custom made for us and are the best quality out there.

Do you offer any pre-movie entertainment?

Yes, we would be glad to play some music and do some interactive things before the movie starts. Also, we can provide cartoons or music videos at no additional charge.

Can you play full screen as well as wide screen movies?

Our screens are either ‘full screen’ or ‘wide screen’ format, so you will never have the ‘black spaces’ on the sides of the screen.

How many crew / technicians will you send to our event?

Depending on your event needs, we always try to send a two or three person crew to your event.

Do you have any special set up requirements?

Yes, please see our ‘Movie Rider’ for a complete list of requirements.

What is your inclement weather policy?

We would ask that you have an alternate indoor location in the event of rain or wind. But, we would also be willing to come back on a mutually agreed upon make up date.

How much insurance do you carry?

We carry a two million dollar liability policy. Copies or additionally insured are available by request.

What is included and what do we have to provide?

Basically, you provide the location, power, & the movie. We will provide the rest.


Please contact SWANK Motion Pictures at this link: for more information.

How can I get more information about outdoor movies?

Contact us! We’d love to discuss your event or party and answer any questions you might have about our outdoor movie screens.