Backyard Party Planning 101: From Planning Until Awesome Party End

backyard partyIt’s a great time to plan a backyard party to celebrate an anniversary, mitzvah, birthday, new neighbor, new puppy, old friends, home owners’ association or really, anything. Any day is a good day for a party with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers…you get the idea. But do you have any idea where to get started with your party planning?

Date. For a backyard party, set the date that works for your immediate family and closest friends. Reserve a tent if needed. If your backyard party requires use of your street, such as a neighborhood block party, contact the authorities to find out what dates you can shut down your street.

Theme. Select a theme, and use it to plan your refreshments, decorations and entertainment, even if you use it in subtle ways.

Food. Food is an integral part of every party (you’ve heard the expression, “come for the food, stay for the party” right?), with many different options. If your party is being held in mid-afternoon, a luncheon, or a late evening affair, make your party an assortment of finger food and appetizers that fit with your theme. Having a party that spans the afternoon? Host a buffet meal, so you can have warm food for all your guests as they come.

Decorations. Choose decorations that fit the occasion and theme. If it’s lighting you wish, check with your deejay about dance party packages with bright lighting that sets the mood of your party.

Entertainment. Want a rockin’ party? Hire a deejay to set the mood. Deejays also have a few more benefits for a party, and can also provide lighting, jump houses, outdoor movie screens and glow sticks for a fun, entertaining night.

Keeping all your details organized is the key to successful party planning. Create a checklist and timeline so you can stay on top of things, or use one of these party planning apps. If you have questions about audio visual, lighting or entertainment, contact your deejay. An experienced deejay has seen a party or two (or three or a hundred) and can make recommendations about what they’ve seen work best. They’ll do their best to help make sure that a great time is held by all—from party planning until the last party guest leaves.

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