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5 Teen Birthday Party Ideas That Make You Look AWESOME

summer partyLooking to throw the next Sweet 16 birthday party that makes you a hero? Want to plan a birthday party that your friends text about all summer? An awesome birthday party requires more than good food, more than a lot of guests, more than free wi-fi. No, an awesome teen birthday party requires a “go big or go home” mentality (and we’re not just talking about the movie screen). An awesome birthday party requires the whole teen birthday party package: food, accessories and entertainment that keeps everyone going through the night.

Drive-in movie. Pick out the movie everyone loves (especially the birthday boy or girl!) and gather everyone around an inflatable 12-foot movie screen (perhaps in cars?). Or raise the coolness factor of your party and put the big screen in front of a pool.

Glow-in-the-dark. Make sure you tell your guests to wear black and white, and purchase lots of glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark jewelry. Use glow-in-the-dark plates and cups, and make your centerpiece a chocolate cake (or cake pops!) with neon frosting splatters everywhere! Make the night unforgettable with a glow-in-the-dark dance party, including lighting that makes their jewelry and glow sticks look awesome.

Gaming. Set up a Mario Kart marathon in your backyard, or plan your birthday party around another one of your favorite games. Make or purchase refreshments around your favorite game, and plan your décor accordingly. Spend a night gaming with extra large screens and a host of friends.

Ball game. Rent a baseball park and host an impromptu birthday game. Finish the night off with a big screen movie with everyone on the bleachers with popcorn and peanuts (or ice cream?).

Barn party. String lights everywhere, and create a real country atmosphere with hay bales and a wagon ride. After your wagon ride, return to your decorated hay loft for a country ho-down with a DJ.

Once you’ve chosen a theme for your awesome birthday party, contact the professionals to coordinate entertainment (your drive-in movie, DJ, etc.). Send out the invitations, purchase all the supplies you need for your party and get ready to enjoy an awesome birthday party that everyone’s talking about for months.

5 Graduation Party Ideas that Save Your Guests from Boredom

graduation dance partyWe’ve all been there: your third cousin twice-removed is having a graduation party, and everyone is standing around. There’s another relative you don’t know in the corner looking bored, and a group of teens in the corner on their phones. Everyone’s bored.

So how do you avoid that scene at your graduation party? The easy answer is entertainment. Give everyone something to do. Whether you’re hosting a graduation party with all of your friends or a family affair, provide some fun:

  1. Jump house. If you’re inviting kids to your party, give them an outlet for all that energy—and an extra incentive not to play in the mud puddles. A jump house, or bounce house, is the answer and it’s a budget-friendly party option.
  2. Big screen movie. Bring back the feel of the old drive-in movies. Set up a big screen in your backyard with a movie, or up the ante by hosting a movie in your pool. With a 12’ movie screen and a sound system that can blow your guests away, you’re sure to enjoy your graduation party.
  3. Karaoke. Who says karaoke is dead? Give your Aunt Jane a reason to belt out her favorite 80’s rock hit, or your friend a chance to show off her dance moves.
  4. DJ. Serve up the ultimate graduation dance party with all your friends. Choose your favorite songs, and add some cool glow stick jewelry to give your party a cool glow. Pick your favorite theme and your favorite songs to make it a night everyone remembers for a long time.
  5. Gaming. Another option is a gaming party with a Wii or Xbox. How much fun would it be to set up the ultimate Mario Kart tournament with your friends at your graduation party?

Another fun option for a family party is yard games such as bean bag toss or yard dice, depending on your guests. Mix it up. Contact a party company for rentals and choose your favorite entertainment options, such as a jump house and yard games or a big screen movie and a pool to make your graduation party an event to remember—and a party where no one is bored.