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Take me out to the…movies?

Baseball Shot_240_180We know what you’re thinking: guys, it does not look like summer outside.  We know it doesn’t look like summer in Wisconsin, Illinois or anywhere else in the upper Midwest, but now is the time to book for events and festivals that are set to take place when it’s just, well, a little bit warmer. Now is the time to book DJ’s, jump houses, dance tents and movies. Yes, that’s right movies.  Just picture it: warmer temperatures, a nice summer night and all your customers or festival goers gathered around a movie screen at any one of these events:

  • Baseball diamond. Host a movie after or before a game as an extra incentive for your fans, a great way to end a softball tournament, a way to generate revenue with a movie in the parking lot or as a draw to your festival.
  • Summer festival or Fireman’s Picnic. Hosting a street or community summer festival? Preparing for your annual Fireman’s Picnic? Draw families down with a movie in the park, end your summer festival with an outdoor movie so you can sell out your concession stand or host a movie at the pool in your park. Advertise a dinner and movie in the park for a fundraiser at your Fireman’s Picnic. The sky’s the limit for ways that you can use and market your outdoor movie.
  • Parking lot drive-in movie. Want a way to say “thank you” to patrons of your restaurant or ice cream stand?  Looking for a way to draw families in for late night business? Host a drive-in movie in your parking lot, and make sure you serve refreshments. Or make your drive-in movie a regular event, with regular revenue coming in.
  • Waterpark or pool. Host the ultimate pool party at your pool. Keep everyone in the shallow end, and open up the refreshment stand so people can enjoy treats on the pool deck.

Our outdoor movie screen books fast for events across Wisconsin and Illinois, so contact us early. We can provide the movie screen, party favors—whatever you need to make that warm (think warm!), summer outdoor movie a success.

Post Prom After Party Entertainment Ideas

School danceTrying to piece together the ultimate post prom after party? Trying to find unique ideas that your classmates will actually want to come to? Don’t leave your after party planning until, well, after the prom planning. We know a thing or two about proms—being DJs from the southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois area—and have a few ideas that can make your next post prom after party a success:

  • Indoor movie. Host an indoor movie on a monster screen (think one of those screens used at outside movies) complete with popcorn, glow jewelry and candy to complete the theme. Choose an awesome movie everyone loves, and sit back and enjoy the show.
  • Post prom dance party. Why should your ultimate dance night end? Host a rockin’ after prom party that keeps everyone dancing until the morning. Make sure you hire the right DJ that can keep everyone moving all night. Up the ante of your party with a laser light show, interactive texting or a glow themed party. Don’t forget to order rockin’ refreshments to keep the party going.
  • Video games. Ready to enjoy all night Mario Kart? Or spend the night enjoying all the fun of a Wii as a group? Get the ultimate all-night video game marathon started, and keep it going until dawn.
  • Dance games. Want to host a fun night of dance games that keeps everyone moving and having fun? Contact Post Prom DJ and ask for suggestions for recommendations—and ask for any other ideas if you’re not satisfied with this list. We’ve seen many a post prom party, and can give you ideas that’ll make your after party an awesome reality.

Don’t feel that you only have to choose one option for your post prom after party. If you want to host a large gathering that everyone can enjoy, choose your favorite options—or all the above options—to give people options after prom. Whatever your preference, contact Post Prom DJ early to reserve your post prom entertainment early—so you are not scrambling later to pull together the ultimate, memorable after party your classmates expect.