5 Signs of a Lame DJ

School danceWhether you’ve hired a DJ for your New Year’s party, school dance, wedding, or prom, the last thing you want is a case of buyer’s regret. So how do you find a DJ that can rock the party and keep your guests dancing? Asking for references or attending another event that the DJ is at is one way to select the right DJ for your party. Whatever you choose, be alert for signs of a lame DJ:

  • No dancing. If the DJ can’t get the guests dancing at a wedding or school dance, what makes you think your party will be any different? The right DJ has a good mixture of songs, personality and entertainment that can get a party going, and the guests dancing.
  • No volume control. You don’t need a DJ that shakes your dinner plates at all the wrong times. Part of being a DJ is knowing when to rock it, and when to be the background. Choose a DJ appropriate for your affair—that can be background music at your business dinner, company holiday party or wedding and rock it when the dance floor is open.
  • No good songs. Everyone’s version of “good” songs is different, but it’s up to the DJ to ask about the demographics of your guests and adapt accordingly.
  • No “extras.” What separates a good party from a great party is the atmosphere. Beyond the guests and DJ, what sends a party over the top is lighting, laser light shows, party supplies, and even big screens that are interactive. If your DJ doesn’t offer these “extras” that could elevate your party, find a DJ that can.
  • No questions. The right DJ for your party is the DJ that asks questions and plans accordingly. If your prospective DJ is not asking questions so he can wear the correct attire, play the right songs and create the best party experience possible, that DJ is not the right DJ for you.

You can also ask friends, family or business associates for recommendations for a DJ. Inform them what you are looking for (and what you’re not looking for—use the signs above). Ask them about what they’ve witnessed at events where the DJ was at. Then, book early. Don’t wait to get on the calendar of a good, experienced DJ. Contact a good DJ ASAP. The best DJ’s calendars fill up quickly, and you don’t want to be stuck with a DJ that shows all the signs of a lame DJ.

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