Are you ready for your rockin’ New Year’s party?

homepage2Though everyone is focusing on buying gifts for the holidays right now, you’re looking forward to your New Year party…the noise makers, drinks, crazy jewelry, dancing all night. And though it seems to be far away (it is still only 2014!), now is the time to purchase all the items you need for your party—especially so you can cash in on special deals like free shipping and discounts, plus you can make sure to book the right DJ for your party. So don’t delay, look over your New Year’s party checklist and start checking off boxes of all the important items you need for your party:

  • Venue. Whether you are a business owner who is hosting on-site, a homeowner willing to hold a rockin’ New Year’s Eve party or a family looking for a venue to rent for your New Year’s party, the first step is to ensure that your venue is reserved and fits all your guests.
  • Invitations. In today’s world, this is an email, social media invite or an announcement on your website or business page.  But if you want to go old school, make sure you order the invite weeks in advance.
  • Refreshments. Two options: make the food or hire a caterer.  The answer depends on your ease in the kitchen and the number of people you are inviting.  We found some great recipes on the Food Network New Year’s Eve party page, or you can pull your guests’ favorites from past parties out of the kitchen. If you are catering, make sure you call them in advance to make sure your menu is finalized.
  • New Year’s Party supplies (glitter glasses, anyone?). Now is the time to order your barware, glitter glasses, noise makers, hats and party décor.  Websites like 4funparties have discounts and free shipping so now is the time to stock up on all the decorations and fun supplies you need.
  • DJ. Contact a DJ about your party now before their calendar is full. If you are a business or a family hosting a party at a venue, don’t rely on your juke box to make your party fun. Hire a professional to rock your party, and draw in guests.
  • Large screen & lighting. Want a party that is a step above your normal New Year’s Eve celebration? Look into a large screen with cool graphics, a New Year’s countdown and lighting.

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and so is your chance to host a rockin’ party that draws and entertains your guests. So don’t delay. Get the party planning started, venue and DJ confirmed and party supplies that separate your party from all the others.

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