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5 Party Details You Need to Book a DJ

School danceWhether you’re hosting a holiday party, bar mitzvah or school dance, it pays to be organized. After all you have the coordinate A LOT of details—food, venue, entertainment, invitations. You don’t have time to make numerous calls to vendors, giving them bit by bit of information. You need to be efficient, and can start by having these party details set and ready for discussion with your DJ:

  • Date. This detail should be a bit obvious. A DJ cannot tell you if they are available unless you have some idea about the date (or possible dates) of the event.
  • Location. If you only have the date and location, be sure to call the DJ and get on their calendar. The best DJ’s calendars fill up quickly.
  • Event timeline. What time is the dinner or lunch? Will you need background music or announcements? When will the dance start? These are all details that need to be set in advance.
  • Requests. If you have requests for songs or have asked your guests for requests on the invitation, send or discuss the list with your DJ in advance to ensure that your songs are played.
  • Event formality. Want your DJ to dress appropriately? Discuss it with them before the event.

Having all your ducks in a row, as the old saying goes, is the key to a successful party. If you want a mobile organizing solution, download one of these party planning apps for reminders and record keeping. If you need to charge for tickets, contact a DJ before you have your event details confirmed so you have a list of all the party costs.

5 Things a DJ Brings to Your Company Holiday Party

atlanta-holiday-santa-dj_350_259The company holiday party is supposed to be a night of appreciation, networking and entertainment. Somehow the entertainment part always seems to be neglected, leaving employees and their families with a real snoozer of an event. Turning on a radio in the corner just doesn’t count when you’re supposed to be hosting a night of appreciation. What’s worse, there are so many options for entertainment: carolers, DJs, the big, jolly guy himself.

So what’s the advantage of a DJ for entertainment? There are a few key benefits of having a DJ—things the DJ can bring or do at your holiday party:

  • Background music quiet enough for networking. One huge benefit of having a DJ for entertainment at your party is volume control. Having soft background holiday tunes when you need it (and loud dance music when needed) is invaluable for providing a fun, networking event for employees and their families.
  • The ability to make requests of any kind—even in advance of the event. Yes a cover band can take requests, but they are limited by their style of music. Having a DJ allows you to take requests at the event, and even in advance by asking guests on the invitation if there is a song they would like to hear. There’s no limit to what a DJ can play.
  • Fun holiday games and dances. Musical holiday chairs? Freeze games? Classic holiday tunes while Santa gives out presents? A DJ can keep your guests moving with music and games for employees and their families.
  • Gives you an impromptu emcee for your evening. Do you need someone to give instructions for seating guests? Or call out the winner of contests and raffles? Ask your DJ. The DJ can make announcements, direct guests’ attentions to a certain area or assist with event directions.
  • More room for guests. When you’ve got a big crowd and you’re tight on space, a DJ takes up less floor space than a band. That gives you room for your holiday tree, food and any other festivities you dream up.

If you have specific requests for your evening, or have a general idea of the event timeline and festivities in advance of your event, discuss it with your DJ in advance so they can plan accordingly. However, if your event takes an unexpected turn, know that a DJ is flexible enough to roll with your event—and provide entertainment that all your employees remember, and appreciate.