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Don’t Forget the Jump House!

Make your next event memorable with a jump house!
Make your next event memorable with a jump house!

One of our favorite highlights of any party is a jump house. That’s right, a jump house—those inflatable play houses that kids swarm to like bees to a perfume bottle. These inflatable fun houses are often overlooked by event planners (probably because they’re not 5, then they’d always be remembered!), but can make any event successful and enjoyable—by kids and parents!

Best yet, jump houses are not an investment that you have to delay retirement to afford. So, if you’re planning one of these events, don’t forget to include renting a jump house on your list of party must haves:

  • Birthday parties. Amaze your kid and their guests by surprising them with a jump house. You’ll be their hero.  They’ll talk about it for months!
  • Block parties. Even if they weren’t planning to come, your neighbors will flock to your Block Party if they see a jump house.
  • Anniversary parties. Give the kids at your party something to do while the adults talk.
  • Retirement parties. If you’re hosting a family party at your house, protect your house and flower beds from kid destruction. Distract them with a jump house.
  • Casual wedding parties. Having a pig roast? Give the adults fun games (card games, horse shoes, bean bag toss, etc.) and give the kids a jump house. Make it memorable by giving everyone, young and old, something to do!
  • Community events. Planning a school fair or a Family Fun Day? Nothing says ‘fun’ like a jump house.
  • Church picnics. Want to give your little church members something to do, and draw in families from your community? Rent a jump house.

So don’t be afraid to advertise that there’s a jump house at your next event (think big block letters and bright colors on your poster or web page!). Kids flock to the mere mention of them, as do their parents. And they’ll both thank you, in between smiles and giggles!


4 Birthday Party Themes Your Teen Will Text About All Summer

LightspacePlayHave a teen that can’t celebrate his or her birthday with friends because school’s out? Wow your teen and their friends with an unforgettable night they won’t forget. We’ve all seen those boring parties, so use these themes to kick your teen’s party up a notch:

  • Under the Stars. Remember, your kid is a teen, so you can’t cheap out with those cut out paper stars. Think lights…Christmas lights. Drap LOTS of lights over a table, and scatter candles across the table for mood lighting. Be creative with your refreshments and use lots of glitter. Finish the night off with a dance party or outside star-studded movie they’ll never forget.
  • Glow In the Dark. Make sure you tell your guests to wear black and white, and purchase lots of glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark jewelry. Use glow-in-the-dark plates and cups, and make your centerpiece a chocolate cake (or cake pops!) with neon frosting splatters everywhere! Make the night unforgettable with a glow-in-the-dark dance party, including lighting that makes their jewelry and glow sticks look awesome!
  • Retro. Pick a decade. 50’s sock hop? 80’s big hair? Make invitations that tell your guests to dress in poodle skirts or parachute pants. Use grease or lots of hair spray. Bring out your old jewelry or browse through a thrift store for decorations. Get an old soda fountain and serve ice cream for your sock hop, or find some Tab cola, pop rocks and nerds for a neon array of rad refreshments. Arrange the appropriate playlist with your DJ, and dance the night away!
  • Beach Party. Make it a pool party to remember. Plastic flamingos, cake shaped like a surfboard and a couple of palm trees. Use licorice for your pool noodles refreshments. Turn on the music while everyone’s in the pool, or watch an outdoor beach-themed movie.

Where do you start? Make or buy a personalized invitation with one of these themes, and contact your DJ with the date. Plan your refreshments and decorations, and set a playlist or movie that fits your theme. Parents, rent a movie so you can stay out of your teen’s 80’s big hair, and let your teens have fun!